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Unlock Your PMU Clinic's Potential with our Expert Marketing Solutions

Attract more clients, boost your online presence, and skyrocket your revenue🚀

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What do we do?

 Meet Our All-in-One

 Marketing Solution

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Expert Marketing

Trained by the best-of-the-best. Our team consists of the top 1% marketers

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Lead generation ad campaign set up and monitoring for max efficiency and ROI 

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Lead response management - we manage customers in your pipeline to maximise sales and revenue

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Comprehensive reporting and consulting - we provide key data and advise you how to improve

Premium Software

Our all-in-one software is the only software you need to grow

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Automated follow-ups ensures no lead goes cold, directly increasing your sales revenue

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All-in-one platform for social media saving you time               ( + scheduled posts)

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Reputation management - build your online presence and differentiate yourself

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How Do We Compare?

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Unparalleled value and convenience. By consolidating services, PMU Growth offers cost savings without compromising on exceptional results for your clinic.

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Why PMU Growth?

Supercharge Your PMU Clinic's Growth with Our Results-Driven Marketing Expertise

Our all-in-one solution delivers your ads across all platforms, while our automated follow-up system ensures no lead goes cold.

All-in-one marketing software
save time

Saves Time

more revenue

More Revenue

marketing automations

Top 1% Marketers

We strive to provide the best possible experience to our clients by delivering results that exceed their expectations. Our team of experienced marketers are in the top 1% and have the specialised skills needed to generate more revenue for permanent makeup businesses. We save you time and money by giving them access to the latest marketing tools and strategies, while also helping them to build their brand.

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See why
Our Clients
love working with us

"Dara and his team are a pleasure to work with!"

"I went for the Growth Package and after just one call with them, they set up all my automations and began my marketing. I just put my feet up and let them do all the work! "

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Jessica Lee, CA

Want to find out how for yourself?


Book a free 15-minute, no obligation discovery call with us now!

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